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About the company

Shakespeare's Wanderers is an outdoor theatre company that is passionate about creating bold, inventive and - above all - fun productions of Shakespeare that everyone can enjoy.

We put on shows in all sorts of venues - whether it's a stately garden, manor house, park, church hall, castle or even a library, we just see an exciting new space waiting for a Shakespearean production to be performed.

We all remember how far removed from our daily lives Shakespeare seemed when we were reading his plays in a stuffy classroom, but that's because his work was written to be seen and heard.

And our wandering actors are ready to bring his plays to life for your pleasure, using music, dance and all those lovely words that Shakespeare dreamt up.

About the founders

Tara is an actress who has predominately lived and breathed most of her life in London. She bonded with Mark, her co-conspirator, through early morning yoga, copious cups of tea and many a theatre trip while training at Drama Studio London. She has worked with the Young Shakespeare Company and The English Theatre of Hamburg. She has also collaborated with Scene Gym as a director and worked as an assistant director on Twelfth Night.

Mark is an actor and writer from Southern Ireland who has been living in London for over eight years. He trained in acting at Drama Studio London where he met his partner in crime, Tara. Mark has performed the title role in a UK tour of Woyzeck and many Shakespearean plays. Outside of the company, Mark writes articles, drinks lots of tea and eats inordinate amounts of cake.

About the founders.jpg
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