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Our weather policy

a) Shakespeare’s Wanderers perform outdoor theatre, and both the audience seating area and stage are uncovered. This means that conditions that may affect your visit, such as the weather, are out of the company’s control.


b) The policy of Shakespeare’s Wanderers is to perform in all but the most extreme weather conditions. Our lighting equipment and set is water proof and our actors are prepared to perform in the rain. All audience members must take responsibility for bringing weather-appropriate attire to the performance.


c) While we will make every effort to complete each show without interruption, if weather conditions are extreme we reserve the right to stop and start the show, or commence the show up to one hour after the time at which it was due to start.


d) Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for the cancellation of a show due to inclement weather. If the show is cancelled before the halfway point, you will be able to exchange your ticket for one at another of our shows, subject to availability. If it is not possible to attend another showing, for each ticket purchased you will be offered two tickets for the following year’s show at any of our dates. If the show is cancelled after the halfway point, it is at the company’s discretion as to whether patrons will be able to exchange tickets for another show.


e) If a show is cancelled on account of the weather, we will announce this at the venue at the time of cancellation. We will not communicate the cancellation to guests who did not attend the show or have left the venue. However, all guests will still be able to exchange their tickets in line with the guidance in point d) above.


In the event of cancellation, please contact us at to exchange your ticket for another performance.

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